How To Create And Use Next Day Flyers To Locate Your Lost Pet

Dogs and cats have a way of getting free of their homes and yards that really causes owners to panic. If you have lost a pet, you know that time is of the essence. Either someone will take your pet to an animal shelter or take your pet in as their own or your pet could run afoul of a car or truck. The quickest way to notify neighbors for several blocks is through next-day flyers. There are a couple of different approaches to creating flyers.

Making Your Own Flyers at Home

You could make your own flyers at home. Most people with a printer and basic photo editing skills do. However, you may not get the same response or locate your pet as quickly as you had hoped. The reason for this is that a printing service is able to create a full-color, real-to-life image that would give your neighbors the best idea of what to look for, should they see a dog or cat wandering about. Most home printers cannot print that level of quality, and the best you will get is a grainy image or a black and white flyer that requires you to fully describe your pet.

Utilizing a Professional Printing Service

The other method to creating and using flyers to alert your neighbors to a lost pet situation is using a professional printing service. The printers have tools at their disposal that you do not and can take your pet's photos and wording and create as many high-quality flyers as you need. Usually, there is a required number of flyers that you have to order and pay for, but if you live in a large city, one to two hundred flyers (at a minimum) will not seem like enough. If you order them right away in the morning, most printing services can complete your order by the close of the business day.

Posting Your Lost Pet Flyers

Take your flyers to every pet shelter, every grocery store bulletin board, every laundromat, every public announcement space, every police department and every vet clinic within a twelve-mile radius of your home. Post them on telephone poles (if your city allows this) and hand them out to everyone on the street. If possible, post them to the message boards in apartment buildings, too. If anyone has seen your pet, the professional flyers will help them correctly identify it and contact you as soon as they can.