Using Custom Drum Heads On Your Kit To Achieve Specific Sounds And Designs

Custom bass drum heads allow you to feature your own designs, logos, graphics, or text. These custom drumheads use high-quality materials such as Mylar or other synthetic films, which provide durability and excellent sound quality. Many bands use these custom drum heads to print the band's name when touring or playing live and what fans to see the logo.

Band Branding

Custom drum heads allow drummers to personalize their drum kit and create a unique visual identity, helping them stand out on stage. Custom drumheads are an excellent way to promote a band's branding or sponsors, making them a great marketing tool for musicians.

The drum heads are typically used on the front of the bass drum, allowing them to be prominently displayed on the stage where everyone can see them. Some musicians change the messages or information on the drum head with each new tour or album they produce, and the designs can range from just the group's name to custom bass drum heads with intricate designs that are part of the onstage decor.  

Sound Control

Some custom bass drum heads will not have any words on them but use a specific material to help control the sound of the drums and deaden them so they do not echo or ring. Often bass drum sounds are deep, and the drummer may want them to produce a simple thud without any ringing after the drum head strike occurs. 

Many custom drum heads have holes cut in the front head to allow air movement that further controls the way the drum sounds and allows the positioning of a mic in the drum to pick up the bass rhythm clearly and add it to the mix. 

Drum Heads For Other Drums

Custom drum heads are available for most of the drums in the percussionists kit, but the drum heads used on toms and other drums are typically not printed. They may use materials that allow the drummer to tune the sound or tone the drum produces and change the revert and delay of the sounds to tailor it to the band's style or sound.

Manufacturers can create custom drum heads on request, particularly if they are intended for advertising purposes and require printing. Additionally, you can buy non-standard drum heads off the shelf and adjust them to your liking, but they may not be as personalized and may not be the best match for your drum set.

If you are considering using different heads on your drum kit, the local music store may have drum heads you can experiment with to find the sound you are seeking or may be able to order custom bass drum heads with logos and other features.