Benefits Of Large Printed Flyers

Getting flyers professionally printed can be a good way to inform the public about your company. Whether you choose to distribute the flyers through the mail or have them available for people to grab in common areas around the community, you should expect an increase in business as a result of your flyer campaign. When you work with a local flyer printing company, one of the first topics you'll need to discuss is what size you want your flyers to be. There are several possible options, and your printing professional can show you hard copies of each size to assess. Here are three reasons to choose a large size. 

More Information

The larger your flyer size, the more information it can contain. A flyer is a good way to connect with prospective customers. Once someone picks up the flyer to read it, you want them to get as much information as possible. A large flyer can not only feature one or more images that catch peoples' interest, but also contain several paragraphs, bulleted lists, and other types of text that can be valuable. If you were to choose a small flyer size, you wouldn't be able to fit all this information—which would result in the flyer not being as informative as you might like.

Visual Impact

A larger flyer size can have a more initial visual impact on a prospective customer. People often receive multiple flyers in the mail, and something that is small can be hidden between other flyers. This could easily cause someone to miss the flyer entirely. When your flyer is the largest among the flyers in the mailbox, the person who retrieves the mail will certainly notice it. Its large size may prompt them to scan the flyer to see what it's about.

Better Design

The graphic design department at your local flyer printing company can typically create a better-looking design on a large flyer, simply because there's more room to work with. When the flyer is large, it can have a design that isn't cluttered. Neutral space in several areas of the flyer can offer a stylish and professional look. If you were to choose a small flyer size, you wouldn't likely have the luxury of using neutral space because you'd want to include as much information as possible on the flyer. The result could be that the flyer simply looks too busy, which may negatively affect its impact.

Reach out to a flyer printing company, such as Debbie's Copy Shop, to learn more.