Learn How To Use T-Shirts To Promote Your Fraternity Or Sorority

Getting new members into your fraternity or sorority is important for the longevity of your house. If you do not get new members in, the house will have to close its doors when the rising class graduates from college. Getting new members into your fraternity or sorority requires you to properly advertise all that your group has to offer. You can use t-shirts as a great marketing tool by using the following guide.

Don't Shy Away From Color

You want to be noticeable when wearing the shirt. If you choose black or white shirts to use as promotional devices, you will simply blend in with the crowd. Choose eye-catching colors to make sure everyone notices your members when they walk through a crowd. Neon colors are often the best option to choose because they are so bright and bold.

Be Proud to Claim Your Accomplishments

Consider having accomplishments of your fraternity or sorority printed on the backs of the shirts. Be sure to include pertinent information such as how long the group has been active, what things the group has done for the community, and how many current members there are in the house. Choose a font and color for the writing that is easy to read and see on the back of the shirt. Avoiding cursive writing is often ideal because it can be difficult to read when you are walking or moving. By having your accomplishments printed on your shirts, you will be able to inform others how amazing your house is without saying a word to them. This opens up new opportunities and helps to easily promote your house.

Ensure Everyone Represents the House Well

It is important to set guidelines for members when they are wearing the shirts. When someone has one of the shirts on, they will be representing your fraternity or sorority. You want to be sure that they act appropriately when they are wearing the shirt to be sure that they do not turn off potential members from trying to join. It is best to set guidelines of no misconduct, such as drinking while wearing the shirts to ensure that no one acts inappropriately while wearing them.

The printed sorority shirts are often very affordable to have made. The length of time it takes to have the shirts printed often depends on the number of shirts you need. It is best to order them long before you need to wear them to ensure that they will be ready in time.