5 Uses For Two-Part Carbonless Paper In Your Medical Office

Duplicate receipts, shipping invoices, and many other business-related documents often show up on 2 part carbonless paper. These dual purpose sheets make it simple to get a two-for-one function when documentation calls for it. However, two-part paper rarely shows up in the medical office, unless it is brought in by someone else, such as a package delivery company. If you happen to be the manager of a medical office building, there are at least five ways you could put two-part duplicate paper to good use, for both you and the people you interact with on a daily basis. 

1. Patient Record Keeping - Patients are always interested to see what it is you add to their records. Print up some physician's notes forms on two-part carbonless paper, and as the doctor jots notes down through the visit, the patient's copy will be made as well. 

2. Payment Receipts - Even if the receipts that you create are done so electronically, it is always useful to have a hard copy on file in case the system goes down. Two-part receipts allow you to give one copy to the paying patient and keep another in their financial information file in the office. 

3. Patient Take-Home Instructions - If one of the medical staff gives a patient instructions for follow-up care or at-home regimens to follow, they will definitely need a copy to take home. However, it is also good if there is a copy of these instructions in the patient's records to refer to when they come back in for another appointment. 

4. School/Work Excuse Notes - School and work excuse notes are just part of the daily routine in a medical facility where patients are treated. Keep a stack of two-part excuses at the receptionist desk and every excuse given will also give you a copy of the information just in case someone calls to check up on the excuse. 

5. Referral Information - Patients are often referred to other specialists or facilities, and it is helpful if you have this information on file when a customer asks. Use dual-purpose two-part paper and you will always have an extra copy. 

With two-part carbonless paper now made to work with most professional printers, you can create all kinds of documents that are ready to give you duplicate copies. Be sure you check with an office supply store in your area to find out more useful ways to use two-part carbonless paper in your medical office.