Custom Printed Business Tags For Marketing And Sales

In today's competitive business market, it is important to have unique, marketing materials to identify a product's brand, enable it to stand apart from its competitors and get the attention of current and potential customers. There are many ways to accomplish this and one excellent way is to have a very distinct and well-designed custom business tag. 

Custom business tags can be printed with an unlimited number of options to accommodate the needs and uses of product manufacturers. Some of the options for customized business tags include:

Business Tag Materials:  Custom business tags can be made out of the following materials:

  • Paper stock of various thicknesses and strengths is available in an unlimited number of colors and in eco-friendly materials such as recycled and post-consumer waste materials. 
  • Vinyl or high-density polyethylene can be used to withstand exposure to moist environments or chemicals.
  • Aluminum and other metals can be used to withstand heat used during manufacturing.
  • Other materials as needed.

Business Tag Sizes:  Custom business tags can be made in any customized size or in the following standard tag sizes:

  • Tag size #1:  2 3/4 in. x 1 3/8 in.
  • Tag size #2:  3 1/4 in. x 1 5/8 in.
  • Tag size #3:  3 3/4 in. x 1 7/8 in.
  • Tag size #4:  4 1/4 in. x 2 1/4 in.
  • Tag size #5:  4 3/4 in. x 2 3/8 in.
  • Tag size #6:  5 1/4 in. x 2 5/8 in.
  • Tag size #7:  5 3/4 in. x 2 7/8 in.
  • Tag size #8:  6 1/4 in. x 3 1/8 in.

Business Tag Hanging Attachments:  Custom business tags hangers can be made of the following materials:

  • String made of cotton, cotton/polyester, natural jute, and elastic.
  • Wire made of galvanized copper, tin or steel.
  • Other materials as required.

Business Tag Printing and Finishing Options:  Custom business tags can be printed and finished with the following options:

  • Full color or black and white type.
  • One-sided or two-sided printing.
  • Foil stamped, embossed, die cut, and metallic inks.
  • Consecutive numbering and coding.
  • Custom shapes to accommodate a business logo, design, or barcode.
  • Dual-part and multi-part perforations to facilitate tear off. 
  • Reinforced eyelets for strength and durability. 

A unique and well-designed business tag is not only a manufacturer's way of identifying a product but it is a way to advertise and sell his product to his customers. A well-designed and printed custom tag can enhance a product's brand appeal, highlight features and benefits, and convey quality and usability. A custom business tag is a way to differentiate a product from its competitors and finalize its sale at the point-of-purchase. It is a manufacturer's most important marketing and sales tool.