Three Reasons To Lease A Copier Rather Than Buy One

There are many businesses that need copiers in order to do day-to-day operations, but choosing the right copier to suit their needs can often be difficult. When you own a small business that needs a copy machine, it is important to consider leasing a copier, rather than buying one. Learn a few reasons why leasing a copier may be better for your business than buying one in the guide that follows.

Regular Maintenance Included

In order for a copier to work well for an extended period of time, certain maintenance must be done on a regular basis. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the rollers in the machine, clearing the path that the paper takes through the printer, and cleaning the filters. These maintenance procedures need to be done regularly and the leasing company will set up a maintenance schedule for your machine so that it can be properly maintained at all times.

Emergency Repairs Done Quickly

When an emergency takes place and your copier stops working, you will need to have it fixed as soon as possible. A company that leases copiers will have trained repair people working for them that will come to your business right away to make repairs when needed. Some common emergency situations that can lead to a repair person coming to your business to make an emergency repair are roller bars come off track, paper jammed in the machine, or digital error. When these things occur, having a technician come and make the repairs in a speedy manner will get your office back on track in no time.

Upgrade to a Newer Model Regularly

Copiers can be quite expensive and leasing a copier allows you to upgrade to a newer model on a regular basis without actually having to purchase the latest and greatest model. Many companies require you to lease a copier for a specific amount of time before they allow you to upgrade for a newer model. When you want to upgrade the copier, the company will send someone to pick up the old copier and bring you a new one so that you do not have to do any of the moving on your own.

These three factors are very important when it comes to having a copier in your business. You need to be sure that it is always working well and is as efficient as it can be. Leasing the copier (from companies like J M Todd Inc) allows you to rest assured that all of your copier needs will be met at all times.