Custom Business Cards: Three Unique Ideas For Photographers

As a photographer, every piece of marketing material you distribute has to be as pristine as the photographs you take. Using unique custom business cards demonstrates your creativity as an artist while making a lasting impression with potential clients. Here are a few unique ideas you can use to make a connection with potential clients and show off your unique artistic flair.

Black-And-White Photo Cards

Choose several of your best black-and-white photographs to feature on your business cards. Each image should be relatively simple so the business cards don't look busy or crowded. A wedding bouquet or ring, a pair of baby shoes or a quiet landscape are all excellent options. Try to select one image from each type of photography service you use so you can give each type of client a card that speaks to his or her needs. Have the images printed on the back of your business cards, and add your logo, website and name to the front for a polished, professional look.

Mini Portfolio Business Cards

There is no rule that says a business card has to be a single piece of cardstock Create mini portfolios to hand out to people making serious inquiries about your services. Select five to ten photos and have them printed on both sides of the business card paper, and ask your printer to staple or bind them together for a perfect finishing touch. These mini portfolios should still be the same size as an average business card, aside from the thickness, so they can still be tucked into a pocket or purse. Be sure to put your contact information on the back of the portfolio, and put your name and logo in clean, classic lettering on the front.

Camera Aperture Business Cards

Choose business cards that are shaped like your favorite camera that have a tiny aperture hole built in to the center of the card. This creates a unique finishing touch while encouraging your potential clients to see life through your lens, so to speak. Opt for a card that has the complete camera design on one side and your contact information on the reverse. The camera-shape of the card will help yours to stand out in a sea of rectangles and give potential clients an easy way to remember you and your business card.

The job of a photographer is to make memories, and choosing premium business cards that are customized for your business makes it easy to make people remember you and your services. Use unique and fun business cards to tell a story about your business. For more ideas, talk to a professional like 4 color print.