Three Ways Printer Rental Can Enhance Your Next Nonprofit Event

If you run a nonprofit organization, odds are that you're more eager to spend money on your mission than on office equipment. And if you have special events throughout the year, it's likely that you need more printers than you can reasonably purchase and maintain year-round.

The answer? Printer rental for events. You can get the printers you need for a short period, so you're not paying full price to have equipment you'll only use on occasion. Here are just a few uses you may have for short-term rental printers.

1. Promotional Materials.

You may have just one big fundraising event each year, and you want to do it right. The problem is that professional printing for all the materials you need can really cut into the money you make. 

Printer rental companies can arrange for you to have large-scale or color printers that can produce professional looking materials at a fraction of the price of traditional printing. If you want to have save the date cards, invitations, tickets, posters and fliers, programs or guidebooks that look sharp, printing them yourself on high-quality rental printers may be the best option for you.

2. Check In or Check Out.

At your event, you may want to be able to check in your guests, assign them a bidder or auction number and get them tickets for events, food, or drink. With rental printers, you can get them copies of anything they need to enjoy their time at your event.

And when it comes time for the event to end, you can print receipts for anything they have bid on or purchased so they have a record of how much they spent and that they claimed the item they bought. 

3. Souvenirs.

One trend at big fundraising events is to feature a photo booth where guests can have pictures taken with their friends or date. These can be fancy or fun, traditional or mission-themed, but the key is to record the event and produce a fun souvenir. 

What's not fun is having to wait weeks to see the photos you take. With rental printers, you can print out high-quality photos immediately on site so your attendees can take their images home with them.

You may find that you can think of many other areas where having short-term, increased printing capabilities could benefit your organization. Talk to your office equipment rental expert for more information on costs and options. For printer rentals, contact a company such as Office Products Services