Creating An Employee Reward Program: Four Ideas To Motivate Your Staff

Keeping your staff motivated to do a great job each day requires a bit of work and some imagination. In addition to verbally thanking your employees for a job well done, you can show them how much you appreciate the work they do with an employee reward program. Here are some ways you can put this program to work for your office.

Kick Off Your Reward Program

Kick off your reward program by throwing an office lunch party. You can do this at the beginning of the day by serving donuts, pastries, coffee, and juice. Once all of your employees have helped themselves to a yummy breakfast, go over the guidelines for the program. You should cover the ways people can earn incentives and then show them some of the prizes they can win. You might even want to have a small giveaway for every employee to help get them excited about the program. The giveaways could include custom-printed shopping totes filled with a few goodies, or you can pass out hats embroidered with the name of your reward program.

Reward Sales Goals With Custom Shirts

One way to reward employees who exceed their monthly sales goals is to give them custom-embroidered polo shirts. The shirts can be worn to work on the first day of every month so the staff who did the best can have a day to show off their achievements. Have each one personalized with the staff members' names, and add your company logo along with a line that says "top earner." Partner this giveaway idea with a pizza party for the top sales staff as a thank-you for a job well done.

Celebrate Winning Teams With Custom Bags

When one of your teams or departments does a great job meeting a deadline, landing a new client, or exceeding a set goal, give them a way to stand out with custom-embroidered bags. You can choose briefcases, messenger bags, or backpacks for this giveaway. Add your company logo and the name of the team (you can even give them a nickname to make this idea even more fun). Fill the bags with office supplies, snacks, or other small trinkets, and pass them out at your next big staff meeting. Consider announcing the names of each team member at the meeting, and have them walk up to accept the prize so they can be recognized by all of their peers.

Recognize Your Employees In The Field With Custom Jackets

If your office has employees who spend their days in the field with customers or clients, give your outstanding performers a way to show off their good works with custom jackets. You can have windbreakers, pullovers, or winter coats embroidered with your company name and logo along with a line highlighting each employee's success. Choose messages such as "top earner" or "customer service warrior" to let your employees quietly brag about their achievements.

When you create a way to recognize your staff members for a job well done, you can help them to feel more motivated to work hard. Use these ideas for an employee reward program to motivate your staff and get them excited about earning new prizes. Contact an embroidering service like 2LC Graphics to begin creating awesome rewards for your employees.