Tips for Preventing Wind Damage to Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners can serve many of your outdoor sign needs. They work well for actual business signage, to advertise sales, or to catch the eye of passing motorists. The main concern is about durability. Although reasonably durable, wind can cause major damage if you aren't prepared for it. The following tips can help you avoid wind damage.

Order your banners with wind cups

These aren't really cups. Instead, they are small half-circle slits that allow the wind and breeze to blow through without tearing or damaging the vinyl. The cuts are made on the half circle so that they don't blow inward, so the message and design of the banner remains visible even in windy conditions.

Pay for reinforcements

The corners and edges of the banner are going to under the most stress, since this is where they tie-downs are located. Paying for a reinforced edge and corners will help prevent small tears. Also, request that grommets are installed for the tie-downs, instead of simple button holes. These reinforcements can add months, if not years, of additional use to your banner.

Give it some slack

When tying up a banner between two posts, don't stretch it so taut that it can't give a little in the wind. This leads to the corners tearing under wind pressure. Instead, give it a few inches of slack so that there is some give when the wind slams into it. This prevents it from ripping so easily.

Look for a firm background

In extremely windy conditions, change where you hang your banners. If you have the ability to hang it on a wall or fence, opt to do this instead of tying it between two posts. The sturdy backing prevents almost all times of wind damage as long as the banner is tied down securely so it doesn't pull up during windy conditions.

Schedule repairs

No matter how much care you take, some damage may occur. Tie-downs holes are often where common stress damage occurs, with small tears also being an issue. Most vinyl sign companies can repair tattered edges or replace a grommet, as well as providing patching services for small tears. Check your banner for damage weekly so you can have it repaired when the problem is small.

For more help in caring for your vinyl banners and signs, contact a sign company like R & L Press Inc in your area.