Think Outside The Box: Give Your Partner A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

After the start of the new year, most couples start looking towards their plans for Valentine's Day. While dinner at a nice restaurant and a beautiful piece of jewelry are both great staples, there are far more ideas for you to consider. A unique, out-of-the box idea will be just as appreciated and even more memorable.

An Unusual Date

Valentine's Day is both about showing your love to others and creating memories. Consider planning an unusual adventure that you and your partner can share. For example, have you both wanted to go skydiving? If so, why not share this experience on this special day.  

If you want to do something more practical or rewarding, why not spend the day volunteering with others? In this case, sharing your love with others can be especially fulfilling. The idea is to do something that you typically would not do. The most memorable dates are those that aren't the norm.

Custom T-Shirt

How about a custom designed t-shirt for your special someone? Start your design by choosing a shirt in your partner's favorite color. Next, skip the generic stock images like together forever and consider a sentimental moment the two of you shared as inspiration.

For example, if your first date was at Bob's Dinner, something catchy like Rocking Together Since Bob's, would hold a special meaning between the two of you that only you would understand. If there is an activity the two of you enjoy together, you could also use this as inspiration, such as two figures running with both of your initials. The sky's the limit; just make sure it's a one-of-a-kind design. A company like American Screen Graphics can be a great help for a project like this.

The Gift Of Time

At its core, a date is nothing more than spending time with someone else. Give your partner the gift of time in an area of their life where the two of you typically don't get to spend time together. For example, if your partner is a business owner, why not take off from your job for the day to help them out in any way you can.

Sure, it might not be a date in the conventional sense, but it's quality time nonetheless and will be greatly appreciated. Even if it's time helping around the house, it's the thought that is most important.  

Remember that there are no rules when it comes to giving a Valentine's Day gift. Be creative and focus on making your partner happy.