3 Poster Print Ideas To Encourage Holiday Company Charities

The holidays are an ideal time to donate to charities in need of food, toys, and warm winter clothing. Promoting a charity is an ideal way to get the most donations and really help the charity thrive. The use of large wall posters can draw direct attention to a charity and build excitement through the whole holiday season.

Consider three different poster ideas to help promote and track charitable donations during the holiday season.

1. Candy Cane Tracker

If you're collecting money donations for a charity, then you can keep track of goals with a giant candy cane tracking poster. The candy cane would appear empty with different tracking goals displayed on the candy cane. As donations pour in, you can use red markers to slowly fill up the candy cane. 

The more red the candy cane has, the more money the candy cane has. When people see the level rise near certain goals, they may be more encouraged to donate and help fill the candy cane colors. To go with the theme, you can offer a candy cane treat each time someone donates to the cause.

2. Christmas Tree Donation Ornaments

Order a large Christmas tree poster that is cut to shape and features a lot of detail. The Christmas tree design can stand out in the lobby of your business. Along with the poster, order smaller prints of blank ornament shapes. Consider bell shapes and round shapes in gold and silver finishes. 

Each time a person donates to your charity, they can receive a blank ornament paper. Then they can write their name or draw a fun Christmas design on the ornament and hang it up on the tree. Over time, the tree will fill with all of the ornaments and give a nice visual for how many donations the charity has received.

3. Elf Helpers

Commercial printing services can help you plan and design a custom elf helper banner poster for your business. You can choose from many designs, but the ideal look should feature a large collection of elves scattered around the poster. Each time a person donates, they can look across the banner and select an elf helper that they want to assign a name to.

The person who donates can write their own name or give the elf a silly name using a permanent marker. People will be encouraged to donate so they can name and select an elf of their choosing, At the end of the donation period, you can look and see all thee names applied to the elves.

Once you find a poster design you like, you can turn the theme into an annual tradition for your company.