Order Custom Greeting Cards From Your Commercial Printing Company

When you manage a company and begin to browse a commercial printing company's website, you'll likely see a variety of printing options that you may not have previously considered. While the company can take care of printing business cards, employee ID badges, and other common items, it can also tackle a multitude of other printing projects for you. One option is custom greeting cards, which you may wish to order and distribute. Many organizations use custom greeting cards in various ways throughout the year, including the following.


Just as regular people give greeting cards at different times of the year, you may wish to order custom greeting cards for your company to send to people. A popular choice is at Christmas time. For example, if you're a real estate agent, you might send a custom Christmas card to each of your clients to wish them your best for the holidays. While spreading cheer will be the main purpose of the card, it may also help some of your clients to think about you and remember to call you if they have real estate needs in the near future.


Another idea to consider is ordering custom greeting cards that share a message of welcome on behalf of your company or organization. The premise of these cards is that you'd send them to new businesses in your area to welcome them to the community — and to let them know about your services. For example, if you run a commercial cleaning company, you might wish to distribute a greeting card to new businesses with the hope that they might call you to learn more about how you could help them. Ideally, this call would result in them hiring you to clean their buildings.


Companies frequently print flyers and brochures to distribute when they're running major promotions, but it never hurts to come up with a different idea to help make your marketing material stand out. Custom greeting cards can work well in this way, as people may gravitate toward them more when they receive them in the mail. If your company has a major promotion, your commercial printing company can design and print a greeting card that highlights the details of the promotion. You can then drop these cards off in peoples' mailboxes around your area. For example, if you run a landscaping company that has a springtime promotion for new clients, your cards should help to increase your business.