Things To Achieve When Customizing “Congratulations” Cards For New Sorority Members

If you're planning to hand out Delta Sigma Theta congratulations cards to sorority members that were recently accepted, you might consider customizing them to make them more unique. You'll have success with this creative process if you try to achieve the following things.

Textured Surfaces

There are a lot of design directions you can go in when customizing sorority congratulations cards, but one effect that can impress everyone in your sorority is a textured surface. Rather than the congratulations cards being smooth all over, they'll have textures that make them more dynamic.

Then you're not just focusing on the visual aesthetics of these cards. You're going deeper with how they feel and that just will give your new sorority members an even better experience when they get their hands on these cards. You have a lot of textures to choose from too.

A Fitting Cover

Probably the most important element of a Delta Sigma Theta congratulations card is the cover as this is the first impression this card will have for new sorority members that were accepted. You want to make sure the cover is fitting so that you start each member's experience off on a positive note.

Try to think about what your sorority is known for and then include all of these elements on the cover. Then you'll just work with a card maker that will comply with these designs. They can tweak them too if they see room for improvement, which is going to improve the professionalism of these cards as a whole.

Catchy Introduction

Along the lines of creating a fitting cover, you probably want to include other elements besides graphics. For instance, you could make a huge impact by writing something that draws the recipient in immediately. It could be anything really like an inside joke, a saying that means something special, or a phrase your sorority is known for.

Incorporating these sorts of elements will bring a smile to new sorority members because they see you took more than a couple of minutes to put their congratulations cards together. It was a thoughtful effort that involved some critical thinking.

When sending congratulations cards to new sorority members, it's a good idea to customize them because then it shows you care and you have the chance to do something really unique. All you need to do to have success with this card-making process is be true to your sorority and the new members that were accepted. 

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