How to Make Sure Your Labels Work Well and Look Great

Label printing is something that is easy to overlook. The labels will not only serve a functional purpose but they will also play a role in the impression the outside world has on your business. There are several things you must do to ensure that your labels look great and are functional.

Use Consistent Colors

Make sure that the colors used for all of your labels are consistent. This is because the labels will play a role in brand recognition because the colors will become associated with your company. Customers who remember your products will be more likely to purchase them.

Don't Use Blurry Graphics

The graphics need to have the right resolution so that they are not blurry. The dots per linear inch is a measurement that plays a major role in how blurry images will be after they have been printed onto a label. Also, if you will be using UPC codes, make sure that the bar code is large enough to where the scanner can scan the code and make sure that the barcode is in good condition.

Use the Right Adhesives

Make sure that the adhesive used to stick the label to your product is designed so that it is able to stick to that type of material. The container might be made out of plastic, aluminum, glass, or even metal. If the label is not designed to stick to the product, it might fall off.

Use Durable Labels

You'll also want to make sure that your labels perform well under the conditions in which they will be placed. For example, if it is likely that the product will be smashed or if the label might be torn, make sure to choose labels that are durable enough to be able to handle the potential for abuse. 

Hire a Label Printing Service

Make sure to choose the right printer for your labels. The easiest way is to work with a label printing service. You won't have to worry about handling the printing yourself; they will already have access to printers designed for printing labels. Office printers will print labels that are of much lower quality and label sheets might simply cause your printer to jam. 

If you will have to print out a large number of labels, it will also be important to make sure that you use a label printing service because you will otherwise not be able to print the volume that is necessary for your business to be able to place labels on all of its products.