How to Make Sure Your Labels Work Well and Look Great

Label printing is something that is easy to overlook. The labels will not only serve a functional purpose but they will also play a role in the impression the outside world has on your business. There are several things you must do to ensure that your labels look great and are functional. Use Consistent Colors Make sure that the colors used for all of your labels are consistent. This is because the labels will play a role in brand recognition because the colors will become associated with your company. Read More 

Is It Time To Use Third-Party Commercial Printing Services?

Many businesses elect to deal with their printing needs in-house. However, this can present a number of challenges. If you're considering using third-party commercial printing services providers, here are five signs it's time to take the leap. High Consumables Costs Buying paper and ink from an office supply place, even if you get a very good discount, can incur major expenses. If you're regularly shelling out money for consumables, you may want to see if commercial printing options are cheaper. Read More 

Things To Achieve When Customizing “Congratulations” Cards For New Sorority Members

If you're planning to hand out Delta Sigma Theta congratulations cards to sorority members that were recently accepted, you might consider customizing them to make them more unique. You'll have success with this creative process if you try to achieve the following things. Textured Surfaces There are a lot of design directions you can go in when customizing sorority congratulations cards, but one effect that can impress everyone in your sorority is a textured surface. Read More 

5 Tips for Building a Solid Direct Mail Campaign

A quality direct mailing campaign can spread a message, sell a product, or build a brand. Consequently, you want your direct mail packages to be as solid as possible. How do you accomplish that? Tailor your next direct mail campaign by using these five tips. Identify Your Target Demographic Every campaign should have a target audience. A youthful women's wear brand, for example, probably doesn't want to bombard 55-year-old men with direct mailing items. Read More 

Order Custom Greeting Cards From Your Commercial Printing Company

When you manage a company and begin to browse a commercial printing company's website, you'll likely see a variety of printing options that you may not have previously considered. While the company can take care of printing business cards, employee ID badges, and other common items, it can also tackle a multitude of other printing projects for you. One option is custom greeting cards, which you may wish to order and distribute. Read More